About Andina Roses

Hand Cut Fresh Roses

       Click. Cut. Ship.

At Andina Roses, we pride ourselves on our fresh roses that are never warehoused. Roses are hand cut upon order confirmation – then shipped directly to you. This minimizes the miles traveled and our carbon footprint - and eliminates the time that other roses typically spend in warehouses.  Our method ensures sound environmental practices that protect the soil, water and ecosystems. Our unique method enables us to provide the freshest product and service for our customers as we deliver consistently superior roses.

Andina Roses

Andina Roses grow 8500ft above sea level in beautiful Sabana de Bogota, Colombia. The weather and soil conditions of the Sabana de Bogota ideal for growing premium, exquisite roses. With an average temperature of 54º F, and twelve hours of daylight, our roses are fed not just with the luminosity of the sun but the rich soil of the Andes Mountains (hence our name – ANDINA). It is within this valley, in the fertile soil of nearby volcanoes and the magical air currents of the tropics, that our magnificent pieces of nature are created.

Quality & Sustainability

The quality of Andina Roses speak for themselves, our enormous roses create an impression and allow you a unique way to communicate your message. Our giant roses can reach up to five feet tall, and up to six inches wide.

Andina Roses works hand in hand with farmers to ensure our suppliers, and entire supply chain, adhere to "sustainable practices". We support strong communities and environmentally friendly farming and business.