How To Order

When placing your order 5 days before your desire delivery date you are buying not just a rose, but a rose with a longer life since all our roses are cut within 8-10 hours of you swiping the card. Our state of the art processing system is very intuitive and friendly using. Once you place the order you will receive a confirmation email.

Order cancellations

Due to the nature of our business, our policy is no cancellations will be accepted within seven business days of scheduled delivery date and there is a 10% surcharge for all cancelled orders.

To cancel an order, please send an email to contact@andinaroses.com with the subject heading "cancel order". In the body of the email, include your order number, contact number and specific instructions on what you want to cancel.

Changes to an order

If you would like to change your order, please contact us seven days prior to scheduled delivery date. Any changes received less than seven days from scheduled delivery date may not be honored. There is a $10 fee when there is a change to the delivery address.

Warnings regarding packaging material

Packaging materials are rough, sharp or thick; including heavy plastic straps & large metal staples. When unpacking the roses, please use caution and wear protective gloves and use appropriate tools. There is a chance of cutting your hand or finger. Please be careful.


Andina Roses delivers free anywhere in the continental U.S. via FedEx. You can track on the FedEx website using your confirmation number. Andina Roses recommends the customer, or a representative, be present for delivery. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, damage to the products as a result of being left in inclement weather, damage to products as a result of prolonged travel times caused by the customer not being present, FedEx delays, and delays as a result of customs and agricultural inspections.

Please double check the shipping information of your order. We are not responsible for roses delivered to an incorrect address provided by the sender. By purchasing a product from Andina Roses you are acknowledging that the delivery date can be affected by weather delays or other logistic complications that FedEx can encounter. FedEx does not communicate the exact time of delivery, therefore, we recommend to be present during the time frame FedEx provides on their live tracking system.

Special orders can be arranged via email to: contact@andinaroses.com when logistics get complicated.


Due to logistical limitations, we reserve the right to refuse service to anybody at any time. In addition we reserve the right to make partial deliveries.


Our roses live longer since they spend less time traveling and almost no time in storage. Besides love and water, roses need some basic care.

  • Cut the stem approx. ½ inch every other day
  • The vase should be cleaned and water should be replaced every day
  • Add 1tsp of white sugar daily, when replacing water
  • Trim all leaves on the stem that are below the water line
  • Keep the roses in a fresh and ventilated room, with indirect light (warm temperatures accelerate dehydration in the roses)
  • Never store fruits and roses together (fruits produce gases which accelerate the aging of the rose)

Not happy with your order?

Adina Roses provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with your roses, please e-mail us at: contact@andinaroses.com.  To be eligible for a replacement or refund, email claims must be received within 24 hours of delivery signature and must be accompanied with digital images of the roses. If Andina Roses replaces your order or refunds your money, the original order must be returned in its entirety.

Please note, roses are a natural product and vary in color from season to season. We are unable to guarantee color matching but can assure you that all the tones are within the same family and have a natural depth and richness of color.